Thesis statement, main point and focus statement are one and the same.

It is the statement that expresses your stand on your persuasive essay examples. And because your paper depends on this statement, you have to construct your thesis statement in the best way possible. To guide you in writing good thesis statements, a few tips are provided here for you.

Remember that your thesis statement should be arguable, and must contain the key reasons that you will talk about in your paper. Consider the content, length and purpose of your essay when writing a thesis statement.

Brainstorming is also important before writing your thesis statement because it allows you to think through your position in the paper, depending on the pros and cons you have developed about the topic. Brainstorming can be done in a group or individually.

Narrow your focus on a single idea so that you can also focus your supporting arguments.

Working on a broad topic would take you to nested ideas and arguments, so you would not be able to prove your point effectively. Reader would also be confused with the point you are trying to make. ” Construct your draft, and then your persuasive essay examples. Making a draft for your paper is important so that you can check for errors or invalid arguments that do not support your thesis statement.

Hopefully, with some of these tips, you have been guided as to how you can write thesis statements that would capture your audience.

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